The Strengthening Power of Self-Discipline

I don’t have a lot of self-discipline when it comes to food. After a long day working and taking care of my family, perhaps coming home late and not having planned dinner, my mind turns to pizza, Mexican food (specifically cheese dip and salty tortilla chips),  juicy burgers, cokes, chocolate, stuff like that. Every fiber of my being is starving, and I want a quick fix of delicious fatty, cheesy goodness. When these cravings come over me, I feel like a drug addict. But my “drug” is legal, cheap and everywhere. It’s DANGEROUS!

For the past few days I have had those kinds of cravings, those dark desires that, when regularly fulfilled, have led to my current state of obesity. For the past few days, the cravings have been extremely intense. But, I am resisting these powerful urges. Last night on my way home I stopped at my neighborhood Walgreens for a quart of milk. As I headed to the checkout counter, the candy called my name ever  so sweetly and seductively. I eyed it, touched it longingly, picked up a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, put it down, picked up a pack of M & M’s put it down, made my milk purchase and hightailed it to the house with a mix of pride at my uncharacteristic self-restraint and a strong sense of unfulfilled longing.

After a spartan dinner of steamed green beans, rice and turkey sausage (not a great meal, but hey…), I was DYING for sweet stuff. I stayed busy and made a smart move. I put on the tea pot and fixed myself a nice steaming cup of green tea. It really helped-warmed me up, tasted great to me and somehow nipped the sweet craving right in the bud. 

Today I feel stronger. I can see the healthy,  georgeous 125 pound me in the future. Where once there was despair, the is now HOPE!


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