The Moment of Truth

The truth is, I did not lose a lot of weight last week. The truth is I lost none. Last week I weighed in at 179.2 and this week was the same-179.2.

Actually I am glad about it. I had a few days of not logging in to WW, not tracking. I ate some stuff that is like crack for me, stuff this fat girl needs to stay away from!  I made a blueberry cobbler and topped it with ff frozen yogurt. I ate a burger and fries. I ate Rotel. I didn’t exercise much. I was sliding back into my old habits last week, so I am very relieved that I didn’t actually gain weight.

Moving forward, this week is off to a great start. I am logging, blogging and motivated. And that is the key. I must constantly remind myself of why I am doing this. This is for my health, so I can have the chance to perhaps live a long and healthy life. It is for my body, so it can hold up to do what I want it and need it to. It is for my family, so I can have the energy to care for them and enjoy life with them. It is for my kids-it will be a powerful message to them when I make it to my goal. It is for me. It is so I can actually accomplish this. It is so I can look good and feel good. It is so I can enjoy dressing my fabulous body once again. It will save me money on doctors, medicines and insurance premiums. So say a prayer for me, send good wishes my way. Next week, I predict 177!


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