My New Motto-Be Prepared!

Think ahead.  Have a plan. Know in advance how you will handle situations as they come up. Be organized…These things don’t come easily to me by any stretch.  I am pretty much a seat-of-my-pantser. I like organization and plans, but I am not too good at making them or following through on them. I often let my emotions rule the day, and that is one of the reasons I am OBESE! Lacking the skills to be prepared has been very costly to me as I journey through this life.  I have spent many days lamenting my disorganization, reading books on ways to improve it, marveling at my organized friends’ abilities and trying to learn from them.  I admit I am getting better, but only out of  sheer necessity, not natural inclination. The past month of Weight Watchers has shown me very clearly how important it is for me to BE PREPARED with a plan for meals and snacks throughout each day and week.  The small bit of time spent is well worth it.

Looking back at the past few weeks of tracking my “points”, on days when I plan out my meals I eat much healthier food and less of it. I do especially well when I begin the day with a filling breakfast.I have a favorite-turkey bacon, egg whites and a whole wheat english muffin sandwich. Life gets in the way sometimes and plans get changed. Or, for me, times get tough and I still find myself using food to get through. But if I can plan most days and continue to develop some new ways of coping with my angst I think I am gonna make it I am in this for the long haul. I want it!


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