Food Poisoning Perhaps?

Subway has this special right now-the Cold CutCombo Sub and the Meatball Sub are both only 2 bucks for a small. Usually when I go to Subway, which is pretty frequently, I get one of their “healthy” subs, either the turkey or the Subway Club. But on Thursday, I had jogged/walked over five miles, had plenty of WW points to burn, and was feeling rather frugal after all the Christmas spending I had been doing. So I went for the  2 dollar Cold Cut.

After a long evening with my dad at the ER (he had fallen  and hit his head-age 86), I went home and was extremely thirsty. I downed about 4 large glasses of water and went to bed, only to be awakened at 3am by severe nausea. I spent the entire day yesterday in bed. My husband came home throughout the day to check on me. My kids played happily together all day, checking on me occasionally, bringing me a basket with Curtis the Teddy Bear, crackers, soda, get-well cards and a banner. I finally got up around 7pm. My husband made me a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a tall glass of  ginger ale. I ate a little, drank a lot and this morning I feel much better, though still a little weak and tired.

Since no one else in my family has gotten sick and since I was the only one to eat the Subway, I think I got food poisoned from the Cold Cut Sub!  Though awful, it was probably a blessing in dusguise. I had begun eating out a little too frequently. This bout of listeria or whatever has been a reminder to me to EAT AT HOME! It is cheaper,  healthier and safer…


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